Ice cream always generates excitement in people of every age group. Who would not love to indulge in a delicious flavour of ice cream? What if you get unlimited ice cream at a birthday party? The thought is satisfying and definitely brings a grin to the face. Hence, hiring ice cream vans can add to the joyous moments of every event. Adding an ice cream van and a platter of meal options can make your event memorable.

You’ll find ice cream vans in marriages, birthdays, fairs and fun events. These vans are an affordable option compared to the individual ice cream parlours or the many dessert options you plan to keep for your party.

Here are a few reasons why hiring ice cream vans is a good option

Four benefits of hiring ice cream vans for the next event

Excitement among attendees

Ice cream brings happiness and joy. So it goes without saying that when the attendees see an ice cream van stationed at an event, it will make them happy and excited. Ice cream can be a surprise for the attendees and will brighten up the mood of the party. Whether it’s a birthday or a fun fair, ice creams fit everywhere. It is a way to make people feel positive about the event.

Variety of flavour options

There’s always something for someone in an ice cream van. If you round on one or two flavours of ice creams, then there’s a probability that many people will not like the flavours. But stationing a van in the event destination will allow everyone to enjoy some flavour. From cookie waffles to dark chocolate ice creams, vans store it all.

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Easy to set

Rather than setting a separate parlour, getting an ice cream van into the event is easier. In terms of logistics, this is a simple method. The van you hire will drive to the venue and settle down at a particular space allotted for the same. You do not have to bear the extra cost of installing the parlour and setting up the refrigerator.

Affordable option

Hiring an ice cream van is cheaper compared to the parlour setting costs. Moreover, the van hire company will take a certain package of money from you against the number of attendees you have at the event. You do not have to pay for the number of ice creams the attendees eat. Hence, it is an economical option.

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