ice cream car in event Norwich

Ice cream vans are an indispensable part of everyone’s childhood. Whenever one thinks of them, they revisit the days when the ring of the bell meant the arrival of an ice cream seller. They were also indispensable parts of various events, like birthdays and weddings.

Concept of Hiring Ice Cream Vans in Events:

While you cannot bring back the bygone days, you can definitely revisit a part. You can always arrange for an ice cream van in Norwich for various events. Nothing would be better than booking an ice cream van for a big occasion like a birthday party.

Reasons to Book an Ice Cream Van in a Birthday Party:

When you think of reasons to book an ice cream van for a birthday, you will find many. Some of these are pointed out in the following section.

● It Pleases Adults and Little Ones Equally:

It would be wrong to assume that only children are excited about ice cream. The van is the symbol of childhood memories for most adults as well. They line up to savour their favourite flavour from their childhood. The vehicle is a surprise element in most events, where the caterers generally arrange ice cream.

● A Van is Cost Effective:

While arranging an extensive party like a birthday, you need to consider various expenditures. This includes the arrangement of ice cream as well. A lot of people assume it to be a costly affair. However, they come at a lower price than the top caterers. It is also a good investment that offers a positive experience to guests.

● Great Opportunity for Photo:

In the modern age, you cannot ignore photo-ops’ effect. Everyone requires a nice background to capture nice pictures. An ice cream van can fulfil all requirements. The ice cream vendors are also happy to share their vehicles on social media, as it offers free positive publicity. They can create a custom sign or rename a flavour to make the birthday event more memorable.

Booking an ice cream van is more about the positive experience. This makes them a perfect match for happy events like a birthday. If you are looking for an ice cream van in Norwich that can make your event more wonderful, contact Lamarti’s Ice Cream. We are one of the most prominent classical ice cream van hires, serving in the Great Yarmouth and Norwich area. Our ice cream van can adorn your event and make the day more memorable. For more information, you can visit our website today.