Ice cream van hire adds a unique and fun element to weddings. Especially if you are arranging a wedding during the summer, it can be difficult to stay refreshed throughout the rituals under the heat and scorching sun rays. Elevate your summer wedding experience by hiring vans for ice cream in Norwich.
A vintage ice cream van stationed at the entrance of the wedding venue adds a special touch to the occasion.
Do you want to know the benefits of hiring ice cream vans for summer weddings? Here’s why a van hire can be a cherry on your summer wedding cake.

Benefits of ice cream van hire for summer weddings

Beat the heat

Summer weddings, especially in an open space, can get hot for the attendees, bride and groom. After saying “I do” under the hot, scorching sun, ice cream can be a delightful and satiating option for everyone attending the wedding. When you arrange for a van, you get unlimited options for ice cream flavours. Amidst the hot weather, a cup of ice cream feels like a blessing. Hence, it can add sweet memories to your wedding day.

Unique photo options

Hiring vintage ice cream vans adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia to the wedding ceremony. The uniquely decorated van can make fantastic photo backgrounds, and the colourful van undoubtedly makes bright photos for the wedding attendees.

Sweet dessert and sweet memories

An ice cream van at a summer wedding is a memorable incident for the guests. Even if you include hundreds of items in your wedding menu, a refreshing and flavoursome bowl of ice cream is still a memory for the wedding guests.

Surprising and refreshing

Your guests will be surprised and delighted to find an ice cream van stationed at the entrance of the wedding venue. To tantalise every taste bud, these vans are stocked with fresh ice cream in different flavours, including ice lollies, sundaes, and tubs. It is a surprising addition to the wedding menu.

Unlimited dessert options

An ice cream van at a summer wedding creates sweet memories. It is a delightful dessert option for the attendees. Moreover, unlike the wedding cake or sweets, with an ice cream van present in the venue, the guests can treat themselves to several dessert options.

If you’re looking for an ice cream van for your summer wedding, contact a reputed ice cream van hire service provider. Ensure you check the van’s hygiene and the number of flavours available.